2002 Season News

-Wednesday, July 10

2002 – Jammers 12-1s Win the SILVER at the USAVJunior Olympics
The Jammers 12’s finished in second place in the Gold Division of the 2002 USAV Junior Olympics in Sandy City, Utah. Each team was first or second in their region in order to obtain a bid to the Junior Olympics. The Jammers 12s were seeded approximately 18th in a field of 48 teams. The Jammers 12s had a relatively easy time reaching the Gold Bracket.

On July 4, the first day of competition, the Jammers 12s swept the other three teams in their pool and were moved to “Division 1” for teams which ended 1st or 2nd in the 12 pools. On July 5, the Jammers met the Arsel Eagles from Puerto Rico and ended up 2nd in their pool, which qualified the Jammers for Gold bracket competition. On July 6, the Jammers swept the Norco Tsunamis in the first round and moved on to sweep the ASICS KIVA Red in the Quarter-Finals. The Jammers then swept the Midwest Select Starz in the semi-finals.

The championship match was played on the same court which had hosted the U.S. National team’s match with Italy the night before. The girls received individual introductions before the game but after the Davis experience were poised and not full of butterflies. In front of a full house of cheering volleyball fans, the Jammers lost 23-25, 23-25, when they were unable to block or pass enough of the tremendous Puerto Rican angle shots. It was really wonderful to see teams of complete strangers stand and cheer when the Jammers scored. Despite the loss, the girls had fun exchanging gifts and practicing the Spanish they had learned in Sacramento from the Borinquen Coqui 12s.
Our 13s fared well but not as well. Due to injury and illness, two key players were unable to make the trip to Utah. The 13’s ended up in 2nd place in the Bronze Division (18th overall)in a field of 60 teams.

Mahalo to the Aloha Region volleyball ohana for their acts and words of encouragement before and during the tournaments. It meant a lot to us to have our regional competitors sitting in the stands and cheering for us.


 –Monday, July 1-

Jammers at 2002 Davis Volleyball Festival

2002. The Jammers 12-1 won second place in the championship division. We started at 3rd seed among the 58 under-12 teams. We moved to first by beating the #1 ranked teams from southern and northern California and from Puerto Rico. We defeated Torrimar from Puerto Rico, which had defeated Borinquen Coqui, the original first seed. Alas, we maintained our first place seed for only nine hours. Borinquen Coqui worked its way back up to second seed and we met our new friends in the finals. The girls were overwhelmed by hundreds of people cheering “go Jammers” and the opening ceremony. Lahela Kaihue gave a Hawaiian chant and the Jammers, in University of Hawaii volleyball fashion, sang Hawai’i Pono’i and led the national anthem. We started with overly excited girls and didn’t put it back together until the final elimination set. We led until 20 and then lost our lead and the championship. The girls did have a wonderful time singing and dancing in a joint celebration with the first place three-peters Borinquen Coqui 12 from Puerto Rico. Third place went to Torrimar and fourth place to Impact Hawaii 12s.

The Jammers 15s won the Contender Division in the 16-under divison. They ended 28th in a field of 356 teams!  Congratulations to OVC Fred for winning FIRST place in the 14s and to OVC Tommy for third place in the 16s. All the other Hawaii teams performed admirably.


 -Monday, June 10-

The Jammers 15s won the silver bracket at the Aloha Region 18-under Regionals at Radford High School on June 9, 2002.


-Sunday, June 9

Jammers at 14-U Aloha Region Regionals
The Jammers VBC fielded three teams at the Aloha Region Regionals at BYU-Laie on June 7 and June 8, 2002, Jammers 12-1s, 13s, and 14s. The Jammers 13s won first place in their pool in Round 1. The Jammers 12-1’s won second place in their pool in Round 1. The Jammers 14s placed fourth in their pool.

In Round 2, all three teams earned spots in the sweet sixteen. Our joy was short-lived, however, when the Jammer’s 14s, in first round competiton, fell to the Manoa 14’s in two sets and joined the Silver bracket. The Jammers 14’s eventually reached the semi-finals of the Silver Bracket, when they fell to Po’okela Richard, and ended the tournament tied for third in the silver bracket.

The Jammers 12-1s reached the quarter-finals in the Gold bracket. The 12’s had an embarrassing loss in the first set to Manoa 14s, poured all their energy into the second set when they were able to defeat Manoa with points to spare, and then lost in the third to the great Manoa offense and defense.
The 13’s reached the semifinals of the Gold bracket and put up a valiant fight but lost to Impact 14s. In the finals, OVC-14s Freddie swept Impact 14s. Results of the twenty-four team tournament, OVC-14 Freddy — 1st; Impact 14s — 2nd; Manoa 14’s and Jammers 13s’ – tied for third; Jammers 12-1’s, OVC–14 Lynden, Lanakila Black and Northshore 14-1, tied for fifth.

-Saturday, June 1-

On May 31-June 1, the Aloha Region hosted its season ending Regional Tournament for the under twelve division. Seventeen teams participated in the two day, three round tournament held at the BYU-Laie campus and Kahuku High School. The Jammers 12-1 emerged as tournament champions. They lost only one set out of twenty sets played in ten matches. The team looks forward to next week’s Aloha Region under-14 tournament. They will then travel to Davis, California, to play in the annual volleyball festival, before they fly to Salt Lake City for the national Junior Olympics in July.
Congratulations to the Jammers 12-2s for their ability to gain the sixth seed for round three of the tournament and for reaching the quarterfinals.


-Tuesday, May 28-

Jammers 12-1 Win Another 14-Under Tournament
On Monday, May 27, 2002, the Jammers 12-1 came from behind and won their second 14-under tournament at Lanakila gym. The other tournament teams were the Jammers 13s, the Manoa 14s, Kaleolani 14s, and the Lanakila Gold 14s and Black 14s. The Jammers were swept in the morning round robin by both the Manoa 14s and the Jammers 13s and ended in third place. In the afternoon, refreshed by salami, cheese, and Ritz crackers (!!), the team was challenged by Coach Deb to show her they were able to put the morning losses behind them. The 12s played with a brand new line up. The Jammers 12-1’s swept Kaleolani, 25-16 and 25-12. They then played number two seed Manoa for the second time that day and the third time this season. The Jammers 12-1’s won in the third game, 25-18, 20 – 25, and 16 -14.

The Jammers 12-1’s then played their sister team, the Jammers 13’s, who had earned first seed by defeating all the teams in the morning round robin. In a real nail biter, the 12’s won the first, 25-22 and lost the second 25-14. During the third set, the 12’s made the coaches speechless and their parents’ hands dripping wet by “achieving” eleven unforced errors including five at the service line. The 12’s showed the ability to forget the past and play the next point, and won the see-saw set 21-19. (Best two out of three; deciding game 15, win by two, no cap.)

During the course of the nine matches that day, the 12s made 475 settable passes of balls crossing the net (75% of their attempts), 457 kill attempts for 177 kills and served 325 times.


-Sunday, May 19-

Jammers 12-2 Win First in Silver Division
The Jammers 12-2, coached by Francis Keeno, won first place in the silver division (fourth overall)at the Ho’oikaika Tournament on May 17-18. The girls each received a beautiful medal and had a great time.


Sunday, April 28

12-1’s Are Again Tournament Champions
In a nine-team tournament at King Intermediate, Jammers 12-1 swept each team they played. In the second round, Jammers 12-1s played undefeated against Impact Hawaii 12 and Lanakila 12A.

Sunday, April 21

And Now — We are Complete.
On April 21, 2002, the Jammers 14’s were undefeated in a 14-U tournament at Halawa Gym. The Jammers 14’s became the Jammers Club’s latest tournament champions. The Jammers 12-1’s won second place in the tournament.

Coach Debby Yee said after the Jammers 14s scored game point, “Now we are complete.” In 2002, the Jammers 16s, 15s, 14s, 13s, and 12-1s and 12-2s have all been tournament champions one or more times.


 -Monday, April 8

Jammers 16s Are the Champs on April 7, 2002
Jammers’ 16’s were first place in an under-16 six team tournament on Sunday, April 7, 2002. They dropped only one set at the tournament. They were coached by Coach David Babino and Coach Jojo Chala.

Jammers’ 13’s were third place in the same tournament, coached by Coach Bernie Oleole and Coach Kathy “Bambi” Nakamura.  Jammers 12-2’s were third place in an under-12 tournament at Keku Gym. They were coached by Coach Tracy Kea and Coach Francis Keeno.


Monday, April 8

Jammers 12-1’s Will Go to the National Junior Olympics
The Jammers 12-1’s won the Aloha Region’s bid to the USAV Junior Olympics. The Junior Olympics will showcase the nation’s top 48 under-12 teams in a tournament in Sandy City, Utah from July 4 through July 7, 2002.

The Jammers earned the right to represent the region in an exciting match on April 7, 2002, at Keku Gym at Kamehameha. The Jammers 12-1’s played against Impact Hawaii 12s. The first set was very close, too close for the stomachs of the parents on both sides of the court. The Jammers led throughout the match with a small margin except at a tie at 19-19. The Jammers 12-1’s won game one, 25-22.

The second set began with a Jammers’ float serve that seemed to take forever to find a place on the floor. We were off with a bang in the second game with a series of serves from the first server, 5-0. The Jammers dominated the net in the second game, earning seven points in either blocks of attack attempts or by hitting down overpasses. The second set’s score was 25-9. All five of the front row players scored at least one point at the net.

The Jammers 12-1’s will play at the same time in Sandy City as the Jammers 13-1’s who will be playing the 13-under division.

The majority of the Jammers 13-1’s were the third place finishers in the 2001 Junior Olympics under 12 division.

Congratulations to all of the Jammers — the players, the coaches, and the relatives who come to shag balls during practice and warm ups at tournaments, to cheer, to console, and to feed the girls.
Hana Hou and Imua!



-Sunday, March 31-

OVC Tournament
The 12-1’s were the tournament champions at the OVC tournament held on March 29-30 at Lanakila Gym. Kea Kea, Nani Keanini, and Hilo Kaaihue were elected to places on the all tournament team. Coach Deb got another giant trophy to be dusted and polished.

We were all especially proud of our 12-3’s who took the North Shore 14-u’s to a tie-breaking third game.


-Sunday, March 17

Jammers 15s Win Two in Two Days
On Sunday, March 17, 2002, the Jammers 15s won another under-16 tournament at Keku Gym. In the finals, they defeated Impact with a 25-14 score. This victory is on the heels of their victory in a B division Women’s tournament on Saturday the 16th.   The 15s will leave this week to enter the Southern California Qualifier.


-Saturday, March 16

Tournament Play on March 16, 2002
All Jammers teams participated in tournaments today. The Jammers 15s were tournament champions at a Women’s B match after a closely fought final with the Yes,Coach team, 25-24.

The Jammers 12-1 were tournament champions at a Power 12-Club 14 seven team tournament in Kahuku, including Impact 12s, Maunalani 12s, Imua Maui 13s, North Shore 14’s 1 and 2, and Jammers 14s. The Jammers 12-1 won eleven games and lost only one game to the second place team, the Jammers 14s!

The Jammers 12-2 and the Jammers 12-3 played in a ten team tournament at King. The Jammers 12-2 were second in their pool with six games won and only two lost.

The Jammers 12-3 were third in their pool. Although the Jammers 12-3 tied in the number of games won (5) with the Number 2 team in their pool, the Jammers 12-3 were third place because of their point split with the eventual second place winner in their pool. The Jammers 12-3 were especially stoked with their game against Lanakila A, because they led for most of the first game, but eventually lost by only one point. Lanakila A was the day’s tournament champion and has previously beaten the Jammers 12-1.


-Sunday, March 3-

Fifteen’s Win A Tournament
The 15’s were tournament champions at an under-16 tournament on March 3, 2002, at Keku Gym, Kamehameha.

Our 16’s teams played in the semi-finals at the same tournament. Way to go for all Jammers!


-Tuesday, February 19-

Congratulations to our 12-2’s
All Jammers teams played in tournaments this past weekend.   The Jammers 12-2’s were tournament champions at a 12-under tournament on February 18, 2002, at Halawa District Park. In a very close match, the Jammers defeated Keahi with a score of 25-22. Earlier in the day, the Jammers had split with Keahi in round robin competition.

On the prior day, the Jammers 12-1 were narrowly defeated by Lanakila 12-A with a score of 24 — 26. The Jammers 12-1 also split with Lanakila 12A in round robin competition.

Our 14’s entered their first tournament on Saturday, February 16. We don’t have the results yet, but we know we weren’t last! Our girls played very credibly against some teams who looked a half a foot taller than our average! The 14’s played well together, showing a lot of team spirit.



-Friday, February 8-

Second Tournament for 12’s and 16’s
Congratulations to Jammers 12-1 for becoming tournament champions at a 10 team tournament hosted by Kilohana on February 3. The Jammers were undefeated. Jammers 12-2 tied for the number of games won with the second place team Lanakila A, but were third place because of the point spread between Lanakila and Jammers 12-2. Jammers 12-3 were third in their pool. The Jammers 15s and Jammers 16s each ended in second place in their respective tournaments on February 3. Our 13’s and 14’s have yet to play in a USAV tournament.

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