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Wednesday, August 18
2004 Melissa Ohta and Chris Gonzalez Clinic

On August 7 and August 8, 2004, Jammers were privileged to have a clinic led by Melissa Ohta and Chris Gonzalez.Melissa Ohta is an assistant coach at the University of Iowa. She played for the Long Beach 49ers from 1997-’00 and went to three Final Fours and was part of the ’98 national championship. Ohta served as team assistant and setter’s coach for the 1997-99 16 and under elite teams and 1999-2002 18 and under elite team at Cal Juniors. She served as the Cal Juniors’ head coach for both the 14 and under elite team and 18 and under elite team. Her 2002 18 and under team won the Southern Kickoff Classic, Southern California’s major early season tournament. Her 2002 14 elite team won back-to-back Junior Olympic qualifiers with titles at the SCVA and Far Western tournaments. She has coached for the USAV High Performance program.

Chris Gonzalez also coaches at the University of Iowa and has extensive club, collegiate and national coaching experience.
He was head court trainer and assistant coach at Long Beach State during the time they went to three final fours in a row and were women’s national champions in 1998. The Cal Juniors team he coached was crowned Junior Olympic national champions in under-18s in 1998.In the summer of 2003, he served as an assistant coach for the USA women’s national team that won the bronze medal at the Pan American Games, the largest international event next to the Olympics.

The clinic was by invitation only. There were approximately 16 hours of intense training over two days in which fundamentals, advanced defense and offense were covered with emphasis on the finer details of technique. As an added bonus, Melissa Villaroman assisted at the clinic. Both Melissa Ohta and Chris Gonzalez coached wahine Melissa V. when she was a club athlete. Melissa Villaroman, libero for the University of Hawaii, went to the Final Four with her Wahine teammates.

Sunday, July 11
Post-Season Mainland Results
Junior Olympics. July 2004. Jammers 13s tied for 5th place in 13s at the USAV Junior Olympics in Houston. Our Jammers 13s took a deserved rest on 9/27 and resumed play on 9/28 at Volleyball Festival in Reno.

Jammers 14s. For the 14 and older age groups, the USAV created a three tier system in 2004. The highest level in the country for age-group competition in volleyball is “Open” with 28 teams. Beneath that, the “club” division was divided into “National” with 48 teams and “American” with up to 48 teams. In order to play in the “open” division, a team must qualify at one of 7 national qualifiers by finishing in the top 2 to 4 teams. In the 2004 Junior Olympics 14s Open division, Jammers 14s tied for 19th with Rainbow Asics 14s. We are especially proud that Jammers 14s took one of the top 14s teams in the country, Front Range Amber, to three sets and also took Club Yahoo, which was one of the top teams in Northern California to three sets. Despite the loss of several players, the Jammers improved substantially in their performance with the same competitors from the Far Western Regionals in April. Jammers were swept in only one match at JO’s — their other three losses were in three sets.

Volleyball Festival:
After six hours at Six Flags Astroworld on Saturday, June 26, the Jammers 14s found the stamina to wake up at 4 in the morning on September 27 to catch an early morning flight to Reno. Despite being diverted to Colorado Springs due to fog in Denver and the excitement of hearing their jet was out of fuel, the team arrived in Reno in time to sweep three teams starting at 3 p.m. At Volleyball Festival, Jammers 14s, despite having only eight players, lost only two matches out of 15 matches. Jammers 14s played for 9 consecutive days and played three matches on 8 of each of those days. Out of 25 matches, they lost only 6. The 14s celebrated by closing out another amusement park in Sparks, Nevada, where they alternated between water play, roller coasters, and go-karts.

Congratulations to the Jammers 13s who won 2nd place at Volleyball Festival (35 teams) (highest finish of any 2004 Hawaii team at Festival for any age group); to the Jammers 12s who won 8th place (59 teams) to the Jammers 14s who won 9th place, winner of the “Contender” division, highest division below Championship and “better” than Silver or Bronze, (177 teams), and the Jammers 16s who were 16th (241 teams).   Special kudos to our 12s, who despite a small crew of 8 and the subsequent injury of one of their only two “veteran” players, played well enough to end up in the championship division.

Saturday, May 22
Post-Season Aloha Region Tournaments

May 22, 2004.
Congratulations to our youngest Jammers, the 12-2s. The 12-2s went to Ho’oikaika on Kauai and won first place in the under 12s division. They swept everyone they met. Pool Play
Jammers defeat Kauai Po’okela(3)       21-7, 21-13
Jammers defeat Kauai Hooikaika          21-18, 21-8
Gold Round
Jammers defeat Kauai Po’okela (1)       21-20, 21-16
Jammers defeat Maui North Shore         21-11, 21-17
Jammers defeat Kauai Po’okela (1)       25-18

This is quite an accomplishment for our 4th and 5th grade players and a milestone for Jammers Club participation at Ho’oikaika. Way to Go!

The Jammers 13s and Jammers 14s played in a 16U tournament at Manoa. After pool play and crossover matches, the championship match was Jammers vs. Jammers. The Jammers 14s won first place by the minimum 2 points. Other teams at the tournament were OVC Lynden, OVC Tommy, Lanakila Rudy and Lanakila Warren.


Sunday, May 16
Aloha Region Regionals
May 15-16, 2004

14s Regionals.
Congratulations to the Jammers 13s and 14s for reaching the gold bracket in the 14s Regionals. Jammers 14s ended in 2nd place after an exciting match with Rainbow Asics — the championship match was lost in the third set 15-17. Special mention should be made of the Jammers 12s who reached silver bracket. A high point of their first day was a close loss in one set to Rainbow Asics 20-25.

May 1-2
History repeats itself! Coaches Ro and Davin again produced the Aloha Region’s 16s Regional Gold Bracket champions. The Jammers 16s swept every team they played to end first among 36 teams in the Aloha Region 16 U regionals.   Congratulations also to the Jammers 13s and 14s which also made it to the gold backet. Jammers 13s were the youngest team in the 16s division with several of their players still 12 years old. Jammers was the only club with three teams in the gold bracket. Congratulations are also due to the Jammers 15s which were in the silver bracket. Several of the 15s played club ball for the first time this season.

April 24-15
Congratulations to Jammers 12-1s and Jammers 12-2 which played their way into the gold bracket for the 12s Regionals. Jammers 12-1s ended the Aloha Region club season in third place. Jammers 12-2, a very young team, were proud to have progressed from barely making it to double digits in one set at the beginning of the season to winning matches and earning their way into the gold bracket.

Thursday, May 6
2004 High Performance Tryout Results
Congratulations to Jammer Chanteal Satele from the Jammers 16s who was selected for the 2004 High Performance camp, to Kanani Herring (Jammers 14s and 16s) who was selected as an alternate to the High Performance Camp and an automatic A2 camp position, to Jammer Lena Yee from the Jammers 17s who was chosen for the 2004 Junior National A2 camp. For Lena and Chanteal, each of the girls were rated nationally as being among the top thirty-six girl volleyball players in their respective age groups. For Kanani, this means she was rated in the top 75 girl volleyball players in the High Performance age group.   Selection means that the girls received four days of training with the USAV High Performance staff.

Congratulations to Jordan Meredith (OH) and Kristen Keeno (DS) who were invited to play “up” on the Aloha Region Youth National Team and to Anuhea Akamine (OH), Courtney Lelepali (MB), and Marisa Shigetomi (Libero) who were invited to play on the Aloha Region High Performance Team. The High Performance Championships (formerly called the Volley Classic) were held in Austin, Texas, so this was the second trip in three weeks to Texas for the Jammers who also played in the Junior Olympics. The Championships featured elite teams from each USAV region.


Sunday, April 18

Aloha Region Scores at the Far Western

Six teams from the Aloha Region competed with distinction at the USAV Far Western National Qualifier. Jammers sent three teams. Three other teams, each with several former Jammers, also participated among the hundreds of other teams in Reno, Nevada from April 16 to April 18. The National Qualifier is a stepping stone to a bid to play at the USAV Junior Olympics to be held in Houston, TX, in late June.

Quicksets 17 Kent won 1st place in 17 club.
Maunualani 15 won 1st place in 15 Open.
Rainbow Asics 14 won 3rd place in 14 Open.
Jammers 14s won 4th place in 14 open.
Jammers 13s won 1st place in 13s Club (There is no open division in 13s and 12s).
Jammers 12s won 2nd place in 12s Club.

Jammers is especially proud of our babies, the 12s, who were playing for the first time in a convention center where there were 70 courts and thousands of spectators and players.   The 12s were unaware that they were playing in the final until they were defeated for the first time in the tournament and were congratulated that they had ended 2nd in the gold bracket. The 12s have won 78% of their season matches, with the majority of their losses to older teams. The 12s defeated the top seed from northern California. Their only loss was the top seed from southern California.

The seasoned Jammers 13s, who won 1st place at 2003 Volleyball Festival as Jammers 12s, moved from 7th seed on the first day to defeating the first seed in the semi-finals on the third day and then onto first place in the finals. Jammers 13s defeated the top seeds from both northern and southern California. The 13s have won 70% of their season’s matches, with the majority of their losses to teams in the under-16 age division.

The Jammers 14s, despite inconsistency, managed to improve seed from sixth seed to fourth place and to qualify for the Junior Olympics 14 Open. The Jammers 14s had the distinction of defeating the first seed for the final day. Unfortunately, the knowledge that the win assured a bid adversely affected the team for the rest of the day. Coulda, woulda, shoulda — only one more win would have assured 1st seed in the semi-finals. The 14s have won 75% of their season’s matches. The overwhelming majority of wins have been in the under-16 division. Most of the losses have been to under-16 through under-18 teams.

Congratulations to all the Aloha Region teams. Each of the named teams will play in the Junior Olympics.

Jammers 14s Are Two for Two in 16-Unders
Jammers 14s were tournament champions at two consecutive 16-under tournaments at King Intermediate. On Saturday, April 3, 2004, the Jammers 14s swept Westside, Lanakila Rudy, Impact Ray, and Jammers 13s. In the ten team tournament, Jammers 14s were the only team which did not lose any sets. On Sunday, April 4, 2004, less than eighteen hours later, the Jammers 14s swept Kauamalii Maunaloa 16s, Manoa 14s, Quicksets 15s, and Quicksets 16s Ren in pool play. It was especially sweet to overcome 0-5 in a first set and sweep. Jammer 14s then defeated Quicksets 16 Kent in the Championship Match, 25-11, and were again the only team which did not lose a single set in the ten team tournament.

Jammers 13s played in both tournaments. On Sunday, Jammers 13s were 2nd in their pool and lost only to Quicksets 16 Kent.
Way to Go, Jammers!

Sunday, April 4
Congratulations to our 2nd Youngest Team

Jammers 12-1s were tournament champions for the first time at a 14-under tournament on Saturday, April 4, 2004. Congratulations to our 2nd youngest Jammers team for upholding the tradition of becoming tournament champions when playing up.

Jammers at the Spring Break Tournament
12s Division. Congratulations to Jammers 12-1s who were first place champions in the 12s divisions at the ASO Impact Spring Break Tournament. The 12-1s played without two of their tallest hitters, who were needed to fill out our entry in the 14s division. As usual, the 12-2s played with a lot of heart and joy. Several of the 12-2s are only in the fourth grade so it is amazing to watch them. The 12-2s won two times and lost five times over two days. See pictures at 12s Album

14s Division. Congratulations to our composite 12-13s team, who with the assistance of one under-14 player, were undefeated in the 14s division until the finals and ended second in the gold bracket. The girls came from three age levels within the club and ranged from just made 12 to just made 14. The team was organized within hours before first serve with the help of a lot of emails and the telephone. The 12s had to adjust to a different setter and to a faster paced game then they have previously experienced. The 13s were ready to cover for the front row 12s. The 14s player added steadiness, hustle and enthusiasm. The Jammers came through magnificently, despite the Saturday night departure of two team members for off-island trips. Good foundation in volleyball skills and good coaching shined through a completely unfamiliar line up. The players believed in themselves and each other and it showed.

16s division. The remaining 6 members of the Jammers 13s borrowed two members of the 15s team and played in the 16s division. They took several true under-16 teams to third sets and enjoyed the faster pace of under-16s tournament play. The remaining 14s members combined with four Jammers 15s members for another entry in the 16s division and started day 3 in the gold bracket. The composite team ended the tournament second in the silver bracket against the greatly improved Po’okela 16s team which they had defeated the day before.

18s division. The Jammers 16s and Jammers 17s, despite injury and absence for various reasons both started Sunday in the Gold bracket. Congratulations to the over-achieving Jammers 16s team, while enduring injuries and numerous player changes, placed tied for 3rd overall in the 18s Gold Division.(!!!) Their greatest win 20-25, 25-23, 16-14, a thrilling and exciting game was against the injury plagued Jammers 17s, who placed tied for 8th overall (tied for 5th in the Silver). The 16s have grown since the beginning of the season. From a team who barely beat the 13s, lost to the 14s and split with the 15s at a intra-club scrimmage they have developed into a contender. Keep up the hard work!

Sunday, March 28
Jammers 17s at the PNQ
Day 1. Jammers 17s entered the Pacific Northwest Qualifier on Friday, March 26, 2004 in Spokane, Washington, as the second seed. Despite the absence of heavy hitter Konae, who is cheering for her team at home in Hawaii due to injury, and last week’s ankle tweak for Danie, the Jammers 17s won all of their matches on Friday. Coach Deb characterized the opponents as “Tall.”

Day 2. Jammers 17s won all their matches today, defeating Utah’s Klub Boom and Illini Elite. Klub Boom’s claim to fame is that it was the club for Stanford’s and the U. S. National Team’s Logan Tom.   Illini Elite’s have an equal claim to fame because it was the club for Stanford’s and the U. S. National Team’s Ogonna Nname. Prepvolleyball.com predicted pre-tournament that Illini Elite would win this pool but gave a nice comment about Jammers’ ball handling. Jammers 17s played like . . . Jammers.

Jammers won all matches, despite being down 12-0 in one set. Will Jammers from age 10 to 16 ever start a match fast and ahead? As Coach Poni said at VB festival, “I know you are Jammers, but could you please just win the first set quickly for a change?” Playing from behind makes the game sOOO exciting for coaches and parents.

Jammers ended the day, undefeated and first in their pool. Jammers 17s are in the top four for the last day.

Day 3. Jammers ended 3rd in the 17s Division at the Pacific Northwest Qualifier. Although sad that they could not bring the gold back, the girls all learned and matured a lot from the experience. A great first effort by a very young team which had 1 freshman, 3 sophomores, and 5 juniors. The #1 team? Illini Elite 17s, who had been swept by Jammers the day before, worked its way back to the Gold Bracket and defeated #2 WVBA 17s. The 17s have vowed to do better at the Northeast Qualifier in Baltimore in the second week of April. Don’t count the Jammers out yet — there is hope that Konae will play.

Sunday, February 22
Jammers’ New Tournament Champions
The Jammers 15s are the club’s newest tournament champions. The team played in a 16 under tournament on February 22 at Manoa Gym. The other teams were Mililani, Hookino, Impact 2, Lanakila 2, Oahu 2, St. Francis, and Lakeside. In pool play, Jammers 15s won 5 sets and lost 1 set. In the play offs, Jammers 15s swept to become tournament champions.

Saturday, February 21
Jammers 14s Tournament Champions
Jammers 13s and Jammers 14s played at a sixteen team 14 and under tournament at Manoa Gym. Despite the absence of three, and then for the finals, four, of their hitters, Jammers 14s swept every team they played and emerged as tournament champions. The playoff was especially exciting because it was Jammers 14s vs. Jammers 13s.

Jammers Win in Two Divisions at Quicksets

Jammers teams played at multiple sites on President’s Day Weekend.
The Jammers 17s played in the Las Vegas Invitational and held up under tough competition. Jammers 17s were able to win more times than they lost despite a pronounced height disadvantage.

Jammers at Lanakila in the Quicksets Presidents’ Day Tournament.

Jammers 15s did well despite several changes in lineup due to availability of players.   Jammers 14s won first place in the 16s division. Jammers 13s won first place in the 14s division. Another Jammers 14s team comprised of members of the Jammers 13s and Jammers 14s won second place in the 14s division.

Several Jammers were honored by being selected for the All-tournament team. In the 16s division: Samantha, Hoku, Chanteal, and Kanani. In the 14s division, Pihana, Angela, and Taylor.

Jammers 12-1s played in Kaneohe and won second place.

Saturday, February 7
Jammers 12-1s Win Their First Championship
Jammers 12-1s won their first Aloha Region tournament at Kalihi Valley Gym today. The tournament was the Aloha Region’s first under-12 tournament for the 2004 season. The 12-1s carry on the Jammer tradition of playing with good form and noisy enthusiasm on the court and on the sidelines. The Jammers 12-2s played in their first match at the same tournament. Our 12-2s had the distinction of having the youngest and smallest players at the tournament. They played with poise and spirit. Many parents from other teams were stunned to see our fourth and fifth graders execute perfect overhand serves. Other teams at the tournament were Lanakila (Fanny)(Second Place), Northshore 12s, Mililani 12s, and Kaneohe 12s.

Saturday, January 31
Jammers 16s and 17s — First Tournament of the Season
Jammers 16s and Jammers 17s each participated in different 18-U tournaments. Jammers 17s split with Na Opio and with Quicksets Joe in the seeding pool round. In a surprise upset, Jammers 17s defeated Impact Jenic in two straight sets in the second round of play, despite the absence of their libero Lena. Jammers 17s lost to Quicksets Joe for the tournament championship. Other teams at the tournament were Quicksets 17 Kent, Na Opio 18, and OVC 18 Kelli.
Concurrently, at Kalihi Valley Gym, Jammers 16s also played in an 18u tournament and ended in second place to Manoa 17s. Oahu 18 Tommy, Keahi, and Quicksets 16s Kent also played in the round robin.

Saturday, January 24
Jammers 14s Win Their First Tournament
January 31, 2004. The Jammers 14s were undefeated in an under-16 tournament on January 24, 2004. Other teams at the tournament were Jammers 15s, Quicksets 15 Ren, Quicksets 16s Noah (second place), Northshore, OVC Lynden.
The Jammers 13s were in second place at an under-14 tournament. Other teams were Na Opio (champions) , Lanakila 14-Vince, Jammers 12-1s, and Westside.

Monday, January 19

Jammers at Quicksets Tournament
Jammers 14, 16, and 17 played at the Quicksets Tournament from January 17 to January 19.

Jammers 17s won 2nd place in the 18s division in an exciting final match against Impact 18s. Konae Purcell made all-tournament team.

Jammers 16s won 1st place in the the 16s division. Jammers 14s were the youngest team entered. Although they did not win any matches, they showed steady improvement from a 12-25, 12-25 match with Impact 18s, to a 23-25, 23-25 match with Northshore 16s and a hand wrenching 26-28, 24-26 match with Quicksets 16 (Kent).

Jammers Tricia Yoshimura, Chanteal Satele, Kanani Herring, and Sammy Misa made all-tournament team.

Monday, January 19
Jammers 13s and 15s
January 19, 2004. Jammers 13s and 15s played in a 16 u tournament at Kaneohe. Jammers 13s earned 2nd placed; Jammers 15s earned 3rd place.

Saturday, January 17
Jammers 13s — Tournament Champions
The Jammers 13s earned the distinction of being the first Aloha Region tournament champions for the 2004 season. The 13s played in a 14 under tournament at Kaneohe District Park.

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