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Jammers 12s– National Champions

Tuesday, July 24
Jammers 12s are NATIONAL champions
Pictured above:
Front Row: CJ Asuncion, Grace Kimura, Kacie Chinen, Chelsey Keoho, Kea Olaso, Kelci Keeno, Carly Kan
Back Row: Asst. Coach Debby-Ann Yee, Courtney Mersberg, Head Coach David Babino, Haley Robinson, Chaperone Laurie Keeno, Tayler Higgins
Minneapolis, Minnesota:
Jammers 12 (Honolulu, Hawai’i) won the 12 National division title in the USAV Junior Olympics by rallying to defeat Team Z 12 Orange (Camp Dennison, Ohio) in the final. After dropping the first set 25-11, Jammers 12 came back to win the next two sets 25-22 and 15-10. Jammers 12 advanced to the finals by defeating Vision 12 Gold (Los Gatos, Calif.) in the quarterfinal round and Encinitas 12-Krystal (Encinitas, Calif.) in the semifinal round. (In April,2007, Jammers 12 were narrowly defeated by much taller and very skilled Vision 12 team in the finals of the Far Western regional so the quarterfinal victory was particularly sweet.)   Team Z Orange reached the championship match after defeating Asics KIVA 12 Red (Louisville, Ky.) in the quarterfinal and AJV 12 Mizuno (Austin, Texas) in the semifinals.
Jammers 12 appeared to be stunned playing on the championship court in the first set.   However, as more of the older Jammers streamed into the seating area after completing their own match (13s) or practice (16s and 17s), Jammers 12 began to show their famous ball-handling skills and were able to regain their composure. They were aided by the VERY loud and organized cheering of Jammers 13s, Jammers 16s, and Jammers 17s.
Upon return to the state of Hawaii, the Jammers 12s were honored with individual certificates and a meeting with the mayor of the City and County of Honolulu, Mufi Hanneman.

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Jammers 12 Meet with Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hanneman

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Jammer vs. Jammer

Friday, August 24
Jammers vs Jammers
The high school season began with the Ann Kang Invitational which is a premier volleyball tournament — ten California high schools and ten Hawaii high schools participated.  It was Jammer vs. Jammer with Jammers from Kamehameha, Punahou, Iolani, and Hawaii Baptist Academy participating.  Kamehameha won the tournament, returning the perpetual trophy to Hawaii for the first time in ten years.   Jammer Caitlin Andrade set the victorious team which includes Jammer teammates Jordan Meredith (OH), Skyler Kamaka (RS) and Lesli Akeo (DS).

Photo:  Jammer Courtney #5 (Punahou) hits into blocker Jammer Sky #4 (Kamehameha) while Jammer Cait #13 covers the blocker.

12 Red--Medals--2007
Jammers 12 Red Win Silver

Saturday, May 26
Jammers 12 Red Win 2nd at Hooikaika
Jammers 12 Red, led by coaches Bear Yee and Francis Keeno, won 2nd place at Hooikaika. There were 9 teams in the under 12 division. Jammers 12 Red played six matches on their last day, suffering a loss to Mililani 12s in the finals.    

Jammers 16s–Qualified for Junior Olympics

Wednesday, May 2
Jammers 16s Qualify for JO’s in Open; Jammers Send Four Teams to 2007 JO’s
    Jammers 16s, coached by Dave Stamp and Debby Yee, won third place at the Far Western Qualifier in Reno, Nevada. They have qualified for the 2007 Junior Olympics in 16s Open. For many members of the team, this will be their fifth trip to the Junior Olympics because they have qualified each year since they were Jammers 12-1. For setter Pihana Kealoha, it will be her sixth consecutive trip to the Junior Olympics.
All Jammer teams ended the Far Western National Qualifier in the gold division. Jammers 12 won second place. Jammers 15s won fifth place. Jammers 17s won third place.
The USAV Junior Olympics will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in June and July.
Jammers will be sending three other teams to the 2007 Junior Olympics.Jammers 12 will be at the JO’s with the Aloha Region National bid. Jammers 17s won the Aloha Region National bid in a heart stopping playoff with Hawaiian Style, a talented Maui team with at least three six-footers. Jammers 17s were still feeling jet lag after their return to Hawaii 4 1/2 days before. Libero Lesli and Setter Cait had run a biathalon the day before and Cait suffered a major facial in practice the night before. Four juniors took the SAT, completing the test 1 1/2 hour before the match began. At changeover, Jammers were down 7: Jammers,1, Hawaiian Style,8. Thanks to a spark set by a fantastic service run by Setter Cait, the Jammers overcame their seven point deficit and went on to win the Aloha Region bid with a third set score of 15-12.
Jammers 13s were granted an at large bid in 13s American. (Jammers 13s were #2 at the Pacific Northwest Qualifier). 

Tom Hogan Discusses Balance

Tuesday, April 24
Jammers Host Tom Hogan

Tom and Jammers 15s-18s
Tom and Jammers 15s-18s

Jammers were fortunate to host Tom Hogan, Assistant Coach/Trainer for the U. S. Women’s National Team (our Olympic Team) and 2005 Assistant Coach of the Junior National Team. Tom worked with all the Jammer players and coaches during the week of April 23, 2007.

Tom and Some Jammers Coaches

Jammers 17s –2nd Place at National Qualifier

Tuesday, April 3
Jammers 13s are 2nd Place at National Qualifier
Jammers 13s won 2nd place at the Pacific Northwest Qualifier in Spokane, Washington. For many of the girls, the qualifier was their first experience playing on the mainland in a large tournament. Thank you, Coach David Babino and Team Mom Nichol Meyers for guiding us so well. 

Tuesday, March 27
Jammers 16s are 6th in 16s Open at Qualifier
Jammers 16s competed in 16s Open at the Pacific Northwest Qualifier in Spokane, Washington in March.
Jammers won their pool on the first day. Unfortunately, on the second day, one of middles was hit badly with a stomach flu. Although the team played hard and were able to beat the 1st seed in the pool, they were unable to remain in the gold. Many spectators agreed that the Jammers’ 2nd day pool was the toughest in the 16 Open division. Two of the four teams in the Jammers’ 2nd day pool qualified. A team which Jammers swept on Day 1 also qualified. Jammers won 6 matches and lost 3.    

Jammers 12 Black

Sunday, March 25
Jammers 12 Win Impact Spring Break Tournament
Jammers 12s Black won the 12s Division at the annual Impact Spring Break Tournament. The team will be playing in the Far Western Qualifier in April in Reno, Nevada. 


Monday, March 12
Jammers 16s and 15s — 1st and 2nd Place in 18U Tournament
Jammers 16s won 1st place and Jammers 15s won 2nd place in the 18U tournament sponsored by High Intensity on Sunday, March 11, 2007. 

Jammers 15s

Saturday, February 10
Jammers 15s Win 2nd Place in 16 U

Liz Receives Serve
Liz Receives Serve

Jammers 15s won second place in a ten team tournament at Manoa gym. 

Scarlet Gable Spikes

Coach Deb with Olympic Coach Lang Ping and HP Head Coach Sue Woodstra

Saturday, February 3
Jammers at the Holiday High Performance Camp

JJ & Lang Ping
Jordan Meredith with Lang Ping

Several Jammers were honored with an invitation to participate in the Holiday High Performance Camp:
Youth National Division — Pomona, California
Jordan Meredith
Courtney Lelepali
Candace Soares
HP Select — Austin, Texas
Malie Yoon
Scarlet Gable
Jammers Head Coach was invited to coach at the HP Youth National Camp in Pomona. This was her second stint coaching for the USAV High Performance program. Campers at both locations were exposed to coaching by college coaches as well as Jenny Lang Ping, US Women’s Olympic coach. 

Courtney Lelepali with Lang Ping

Candace Soares with Lang Ping

Saturday, February 3

Sunday, December 10
Jammers Kick off 2007 Season with a Party

Jammers Herd of Reindeer

Jammers 15s, 16s, 17s and 18s had a party to start the 2007 season. The highlight of the party was a reindeer relay in which each team was supplied with 8 balloons, panty hose, a red nose, and garland reins. 

Jammers Jordan in game against Canada YNT

Tuesday, August 15
Jammers at Post-Season Training
Several Jammers attended post-season training through the USAV High Performance Program. Coach Debby Yee was honored by being asked to coach at the USAV Development Camp in Colorado Springs. The Jammers pictured below are La Shawn Dela Cruz-Kaopua (best libero), Candace Soares, and Tiana Pearson, with Coach Deb at the Colorado Springs Youth National Development Camp with the members of the Women’s Olympic team and staff. Malie Yoon was a memeber of the USAV High Performance Select Team in Fort Lauderdale. Courtney Leleplai was a member of the USAV Youth National A2 team in Fort Lauderdale. Jordan Meredith (pictured above) was a member of the USAV Youth National team in Gainesville, Florida.
JAMMERS CLINICS: Email Jammers VBC for the registration form and more information about clinics or about joining Jammers.

Coach Deb and 3 Jammers with members of the Women’s Olympic Team and staff.


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