NEIL MASON is Founder of the TCA clubs.  TCA California 18s, coached by Neil, won the Gold medal at the 2008 USAV Junior Olympics in 18s Open.  Neil also coached the winning 18s team in 2006 USAV Junior Olympics.  Neil was the director of the Holiday High Performance camp for the Junior National age group in December, 2007.  He was the assistant coach for the  USA Junior National team which won 1st place at the 2008 Norceca Tournament. Neil came and spent a few days with the Jammer Girls in August 2008. THANK YOU NEIL !!!


Jammers had a series of intensive clinics from May 20-26.  The players began the week with Chris Gonzalez, formerly assistant coach at Arizona and Long Beach State, who has also coached for the U.S. Men’s Olympic team and in the Swiss League.  Notably, Chris coached the professional team which had Robyn Ah Mow and Logan Tom.  Chris also has coached junior club teams which won gold, silver and bronze teams at Junior Olympics.   This is the third time Chris has honored Jammers with a clinic.

Jammers ended the week with an all day clinic with Toshi Yoshida, formerly the U.S. Women’s national team coach, who coached the US Women’s Olympic team in the 2004 Olympics.  (Coincidentally, Coach Toshi also coached Robyn Ah Mow and Logan Tom, who are past and current members of the U. S. Women’s National team).  Coach Toshi is now coaching  the Pioneer Red Wings, a professional women’s volleyball team in Japan.  Coach Yoshida was accompanied by his wife Shoko, who is an Olympic gold medalist. THANK YOU CHRIS and TOSHI !!!!

JammerswithcoachtoshiyoshidaJammers with Coach Toshi Yoshida

Jammers with coach Chris GonzalesJammers with Coach Chris Gonzalez

April 24, 2007 Jammers were fortunate to host Tom Hogan, Assistant Coach/Trainer for the U. S. Women’s National Team (our Olympic Team) and 2005 Assistant Coach of the Junior National Team.  Tom worked with all the Jammer players and coaches during the week of April 23, 2007.

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