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One way to execute that is to look for ways to make your strength exercises more functional: fromdagroundup incorporates these functional exercises such as plyometrics, isometrics, fast twitch development, agility and proper technique. 

These functional exercises not only promote kinetic movement, but because you’ re working more muscle groups, you train your body to be strong for the dynamic movements you make during competition.   fromdagroundup is tailored to meet the specific needs of a team as well as an individual athlete, Our trainers will build on team and individual strengths, and address weaknesses identified through the training sessions. Having worked and developed through these weaknesses players go into the season familiar with team- mates and confident about their skills. 







Cert. Performance Enhancement Spec.

Cert. Strength and Conditioning Spec.

Cert. Corrective Exercise Spec.

(727) I-TRAIN-1 www.FromDaGroundUp.net mclark403@gmail.com

 Michael Clark was born and raised in Sacramento, California. He attended Valley High School while earning Varsity Letters in Track & Field and Basketball. Michael has an extensive background in speed training and strength conditioning.  As a competitor in Track & Field (Men’s High Jump) in High School Michael was a 7′ high jumper and ranked #1 in California and #2 in the Nation, (according to ‘Track & Field News’ magazine).

Michael is a former Olympic Team member (alternate Men’s High Jump), former ACC – Champion, NCAA AllAmerican, and High School Record Holder.  Michael earned his BA in Kinesiology (Georgia Institute of Technology) and applies those teachings during his training sessions to help student athletes pursue that next level of GREATNESS!  Michael is currently a USA Track & Field Member and brings with him a wealth of knowledge, experience, and connections which brought him to World Class status.

Michael has coached at various High Schools (since 1989) up and down the State of California, as well as Oregon, Texas, and Illinois, (Cordova HS, Santa Monica College, Legacy Christian Academy, North Hollywood HS, Abilene Christian College).  Michael’s passion is to mentor todays youth, and as the Director of FromDaGroundUp motivational training strategies, Michael is dedicated to help educate student athletes and their parents on how to create a legacy of fitness, health, and sports related success based on current ethical methods of enhancing human performance.

Partner up with fromdagroundup motivational training strategies, it’s “where the GREAT get BETTER!”

Download this file: FromDaGroundUp Michael Clark

Contact Coach Clark @ (727) I-TRAIN-1  or E-mail: mclark403@gmail.com and please visit us at www.FromDaGroundUp.net


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